Relationship Between Industrialization, Urbanization and Environmental Pollution: An ARDL Bounds Testing Approach For

Environmental problems are one of the most important struggles of many nations today. Just as the countries usually prioritize or have to prioritize the big scale in urbanization as in industrialization and arming, Thus, cities face the threat of both horizontal and vertical growth. The end of both situations is harmful to the physical and social environment. Since 1980s, as a result of rapid industrialization, the opportunity to work in the industry has increased and migration from village to city has accelerated. As a result of cities becoming crowded, the existing environmental has started to deteriorate with unplanned urbanization. Settlements that do not comply with environmental regulations have begun to emerge. In addition, with the increase in industrialization, the amount of toxic gases emitted to the environment has constantly started to increase. Unplanned urbanization and its effects emerging as a result of the increase of urbanization in Turkey have gradually become important because of the increase of sensitivity to the environment. The aim of this study is to explain the relationship between urbanization and environmental pollution wirh econometric analysis. It is also aimed to make policy recommendation on the results. The research revealed a significant and positive correlation between the increase in urban population and the use of energy and carbon dioxide emissions, and a meaningless correlation between the Industrial Production Index and carbon dioxide emissions.


CO2 Emission, Environmental Pollution, Industrialization ,Energy, ARDL Model

Author : Tuba YILDIZ - , Tunay BOSTAN GÖKTÜRK
Number of pages: 217-229
Full text:
Journal of Academic Value Studies (JAVStudies)
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