The Adventure Of The Toılet From Nature To House
Doğadan Konuta Hacetin Serüveni

Author : Hicran Hanım HALAÇ - Halit HALAÇ
Number of pages : 731-745


We have always wondered where mankind has lived since the earliest times, followed the development of the shelter and housing concepts and tried to increase our intellectual wealth by comparing the effects of the geography on the formation of housing types. In this study, we will try to explore the ways of deciphering heroes, which are known by everyone, but not even pronounced, and how they are imprisoned in the structure that we call housing. The mentioned heroes will be mentioned in this study; B.C. From 3000 years to the present day, we aimed to examine the process of converting to the toilet from a chronological order in the light of the information in the literature. As can be understood, the human need to solve the need to address the nature of the arms of the nature, mobile seats, fixed-door seats, general hela centers, wardrobes attached to the castle was able to reach five thousand years, reaching out. Throughout the historical process, we have seen how societies struggle in the cities and people's personal lives with this problem and the bigger problems such as dirt, odor and disease.


toilet, toilet bowl, closet, sewer, excrement


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