Behavioral Public Administration: An Examination on Methodological and Theoretical Sides
Davranışsal Kamu Yönetimi: Yöntemsel ve Teorik Düzlemlerde Bir İnceleme

Author : Sadegül DURGUN - Ahmet Hamdi AYDIN, Muhammet DURGUN
Number of pages : 528-542


Behavioral sciences have entered into various scientific disciplines in recent years. Behavioral public administration, probably newest one, is defined as the multidisciplinary analysis of public administration from the micro level perspective of individual attitudes and behaviors by drawing on psychological knowledge about the behavior of individuals and groups. This study investigates subfield of behavioral public administration that has emerged as a result of studies integrated public administration and psychology and has come into more prominence in recent years. Firstly calls counseled integration of psychology and public administration from past to present are showed and then development of political science, economics and strategic management fields adopted behavioral approach is portrayed. Following this, behavioral public administration is examined in terms of its methodological and theoretical sides by referring to the other studies in the field. Finally this study is concluded with suggestions accelerating development of behavioral public administration.


Behavioral public administration, public administration, psychology, attitudes, behaviors


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