Digital Bangladesh’ Vision 2021: An Analysis on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
Dijital Bangladeş' 2021 Vizyonu: Bilgi ve İletişim Teknolojileri (BİT) Üzerinden Bir Analız

Author : Ali ŞAHİN - MD Saiful ISLAM
Number of pages : 983-993


Digital Bangladesh as an integral component of Vision 2021, as one of the socio-economic transformation enabled by information and communication technologies. ICT Policy 2009, ICT Act 2009, Right to Information Act 2009 and various local government acts help to identify the priorities of the Government of Digital Bangladesh, which was enacted in 2009. In this study, with the legal regulations listed above, within the framework of “Digital Bangladesh 2021 Vision,” the ICT infrastructure in Bangladesh is compared to the legal dimension, and its shortcomings, public and private sector, success level, the vision of digitization in the world, and Bangladesh 2021 Vision. On the other hand, the main problems and proposed solutions of “Digital Bangladesh 2021 Vision” is also analyzed.


Digitalization, Digitization, Digital Bangladesh, Vision 2021, and Information and Communication Technology (ICT)


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