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Greco-Turkish Relations from Megalo Idea to Prejudice and Mistrust
Living in peace enables itself by analyzing the history very well and thus resolving and reading current socio-political developments via this as-much-as thriving historical analysis. Therewithal it is a crystal-clear fact that the nations who do not learn lessons from the past cannot guide their today and tomorrows properly. Therefore, it is a quite significant act for a state to prevent those threats and hazards while they are not escalated, by being utmost discreet regarding its relations with the first-belt neighbors. By this view, Turkey’s relations with Greece, a country that has been a neighbor to Turkey for nearly 200 years, have been under scrutiny of paranoia, prejudice, sentiment and mistrust stemming from a reactioner and irredentist Greek attitude in totally line with Megalo Idea. By this view, Turkey is really an unfortunate state due to her neigbour, Greece. The main reason behid that is that Turkey has many conflicts stemming from Greek ambitions and irredentist policies in a very valuable sea of Aegean. To realize why those Greek policies are so atrocious for Turkey will be made clear by remembering Greek Megalo Idea ideology. Thus, Megalo Idea lies as a main reason in the root of conflicting Greco-Turkish relations. It is the main spirit and heart of Greek ideology as being a robust belif in saving all Hellens and then reuniting ancient Hellas one again. The main aim of this study is to explore Greco-Turkish relations from Megalo Idea till present-times in the axis of this prejudice and mistrust and analyze these notions which poison bilateral relations with respect to historical-psychological aspects. This study will comprise a deductive approach by using qualitative research method resting upon secondary data sources; thus by the help of this methodology, a comprehensive deconstructive analysis of bilateral relations regarding psychological-social and socio-cultural aspects.

Megalo Idea, Greco-Turkish Relations, Prejudice, Mistrust, Politics

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