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The Concept of City Brand and a Literature Survey on the Concept of City Brand in Turkey over the Last Decade
The concept of city marketing is one of the important study subjects in marketing literature. In recent years, almost every city, which has historical, cultural and natural riches, has turned these resources into marketing activities to gain both the promotion of their cities and their economic gain. Turkey has many cities which are rich in history, cultural and natural resources. For this purpose, many cities carry out various activities in order to become a brand city. These activities are supported by the state in various forms. In addition to all these application activities, there is also a rapid increase in the number of academic studies on the concept of city brand. The aim of this study is to scan the academic publications published in the last ten years and examine branding issues related to different cities of Turkey and to make a classification in terms of the variables used and the methods used in the research process. Furthermore, the regional distribution of the academic studies and the cities covered will be determined and a map of Turkey's city brand will be created. For this purpose, the articles related to the subject will be searched from various academic databases taking into consideration the date ranges determined.

City, Brand, Brand City, City Marketing, Turkey

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