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A Review on A Local Gastronomic Product: The Zile Churchkhela
Turkey, due to its mathematics and geographic location, has a rich touristic product potential. Especially in regions that do not have sea-sand-sun supply, there is an increasing trend towards alternative tourism types both in order to stimulate tourism and to contribute to regional development as well as to benefit from the tourism resources in the country in the most efficient way. The geography of Anatolia has a wide range of products in this respect. One of the most important among alternative tourism is the gastronomy tourism which is included in cultural tourism. Gastronomy tourism is a concept that identifies the tourist experiences of tourists about those foods and beverages and the presentation of regional food and beverages to tourists visiting the region. Local food, which has a great importance in the promotion of destinations and has become a part of the local culture, has been determined as a result of researches that tourists play an active role in regional visits. Turkey, in terms of climate and soil characteristics, very suitable for viticulture properties. Although Tokat region has these features, Zile district has an important place in viticulture in Tokat region. The district reflects the climatic character of both the Central Black Sea Region and the Central Anatolia Region. With this feature, the summer is hot and dry, and the winter season is usually snowy and cold. The first months of autumn and the last months of spring are rainy. Such a variety of climatic conditions make Zile a top priority for viticulture. The history of viticulture dates back to 4000 years ago. A wide range of viticulture has emerged in a region where viticulture is so important and rooted. For many years, grapes have been processed as a tradition and as a source of livelihood and various products have been obtained. Molasses whipped with eggwhite, fruit leather, molasses and churchkhela are the main products obtained by the processing of grape. Among these products, the churchkhela has a different importance. It is a product registered to Zile by Turkish Patent Institute. The most important point that gives the product a unique feature to Zile is the production of pure grape wort without use of sugar, sweeteners and other additives. Since the time of vine harvest, the churchkhela was produced in traditional methods, but in recent years it has been started to be produced in private manufactures. In this study, it was aimed to reveal the production methods, storage conditions, food content of Zile churchkhela which is identified with Zile and its importance in the promotion of destination.

Zile Churchkhela, Destination, Local Gastronomic Products

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