Evaluation of Re-Functioning Examples of Closed Prisons
Kapatılan Cezaevlerinin Yeniden İşlevlendirme Örneklerinin Değerlendirilmesi

Author : Hicran Hanım HALAÇ - Saadet TURAN
Number of pages : 916-932


Today, many prison structure in Turkey, which adhere to international principles, physical, hardware and emptied several reasons such as lack of capacity, abandoned or closed. In the studies carried out about bringing the prisons, which have lost their function or being closed, to the city and society, samples have been presented on closed prisons which are known by the society and it has been pointed out that the prisons, which have been closed, can be reused as a cultural structure, museum, restaurant and hotel. It is seen that the number of prisons, which are doomed to be transformed into idle, is rather high after being shut down and emptied, without giving a function again. This shows that the studies and initiatives are insufficient. It is aimed to emphasize the importance of re-functioning of prisons, which have not yet completed their useful life, but which have been closed and have been turned into idle or have been evaluated before they have become dormant yet. As a result of internet search engines and literature scans, the annual reports of the Ministry of Justice, which includes the number, name, typology, type and location of closed prisons over the years, have been reached. By compiling this information, it was concluded that a total of 203 penal institutions were closed between 2006-2017. In this study, which was mentioned in closed prisons in Turkey, which re-functionalized samples from the closed prisons abroad and Turkey are given. It was mentioned in the activity reports that between the years 2006-2017 closed the small district penitentiary institutions, the problems created by the inactive state of these prisons, the importance of the re-functioning of these problems and sadness tourism are mentioned. It is aimed to prepare a base for the scientific research to be carried out in the following process.


prison, penal execution institution, re-function, lifetime, building life


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