A Critical Overview of the Creative Washing: National Individual Approach
Yaratıcı Yıkıma Eleştirel Bir Bakış: Ahlaki Bireycilik Yaklaşımı

Author : Evin BAYAR - Mete Cüneyt OKYAR
Number of pages : 791-807


In addition to the fact that entrepreneurs maintain economic dynamism and contribute to the production and income of the country, it is of great importance in which way and for what purpose. Entrepreneurship in Islamic economy; it is stated that it should be carried out in harmony with the general welfare of the society, and that it is free to act in accordance with the individual's own interests and not to harm the property or the life of another individual or producer. Zakat, tax, etc. prepared for this to be realized. However, there is no restriction for the individual to act according to his / her own interests. In Neo classical economics, it is known that the individual acts in line with the rational interest in production life and tries to ensure profit maximization and cost minimization in the market where he is a producer. In Neo classical theory, it is emphasized that the economy will reach full employment by acting on the basis of each individual benefit, while Schumpeter, one of the economists of this school and the economist of this school, sees the economic vitality and development in the innovation created by the entrepreneurs creating a creative destruction. The dynamic and dynamic system created by leaving today's capitalism and then a destruction is manifested in production innovations and consumption. This study can be examined in two main chapters: the place of entrepreneurship in Islamic economics and the place of entrepreneurship in classical economics. However, in this study, it is tried to explain Joseph Schumpeter, one of the important economists known as the outgoing child of the Austrian school in Neo classical economics, in the context of the innovation provided by the entrepreneurs who created creative destruction and this explanation is compared with how the entrepreneurship in the Islamic economy takes place.


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