A Bibliometric Analysis for Prepared Theses On Leadership in Tourism
Turizm Alanında Liderlik Konusu İle İlgili Hazırlanmış Tezlere Yönelik Bibliyometrik Bir Analiz

Author : Sedat ÇELİK
Number of pages : 516-527


Leadership is the art of directing people to specific purposes; education, health, tourism, public etc. have been studied in many areas. In addition, leadership is very important because it affects many variables and is affected by many variables. Therefore, in this study, it was aimed to conduct bibliometric analysis of graduate theses, especially related to leadership in tourism. Within the scope of this aim, the search engine in the center of YÖK is used. In the search criteria, only the branches of science and branches related to tourism were selected. Leadership and Leadership concepts are also used in the topic tab. It is determined that there are 61 postgraduate theses. These theses are discussed within the framework of graduate program type, department, year, university name, research method, sample type used, place of application, applied people, analyzes used, scales used and related topics. The study is important in terms of giving preliminary information to the studies to be done about leadership in the future.


Leadership, Bibliometric Analysis, Tourism and Business


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