Aims and Scope

The way to be beneficial for humanity is through science. It is one of the most sacred purposes to serve and contribute to the maximum extent of the scientific world which is the owners of knowledge. One way of making contributions to the world of science is to publish scientific studies and to make them available to the world of science. Perhaps, with this regards one of the most important of various ways is academic journals. Qualified journals are a means of presenting scientific studies to the benefit of the scientific world, and the primary objective is to take part among these journals. The first step to achieve this objective is to strive for quality of publications and to advance the quality of publications by taking the example of the most advanced journals inside the academy. In this way, it is among the purposes to present the publications of those doing academic studies to the benefit of the scientific world quickly. The most important reason for this is that the world of science is in a race in the present age, and that the ideas, thoughts, and scientific studies rapidly change its shape and it is lack of the benefit in case of delay, due to the developing technology and rapidly changing social environment. While fulfilling this goal, quality will never be compromised.

While trying to increase the quality, it is necessary to progress in the expertizing area ​​ and to work in a more limited area in order to prevent the distribution of subjects. Since economics politics and management are related domain, the scope of the journal has been determined as economics, politics and management.

  • Economics
  • Politics
  • Management

Journal of Academic Value Studies publishes original texts in disciplinary and interdisciplinary fields of science; macroeconomics, microeconomics, economic history, international economics, agricultural economics, environmental economics, energy economics, health economics, tourism economics, international trade, fiscal science, banking and insurance, business, accounting, finance, organization, marketing, management information systems, public administration, urban and environmental policies, social work, international relations.

Another aim in line with the above main objectives is to become a journal recognized internationally. For this reason, an international editorial board has been established. A coordinated work is carried out to become an international qualified journal with the help of an assistant editors and a highly qualified editorial board.

Finally, by technical specifications, DOI, plagiarism controls, arbitration system of double-blind peer review, the existence of the English interface and English article managing system, etc., meticulously fulfilling the requirements of being one of the most important journals at international level and thus increasing the quality are among the main objectives