Behavioural Economy, Neuro-Management And Senism

Every process and subject that a person exists both as the individual and as the group is within the context of the concept of management. Starting from the self-management of the individual, in all examples up to the business management processes of globally large-scale corporate firms; management is evaluated the concept and variables and management activities are carried out. Since the beginning of the 1990’s, all over the world, rapid change that occurs in every aspect of life; whilst the concepts, methods, systems, techniques and approaches in the field of business management are shaping according to change and transformation and it has laid the groundwork for the emergence of knowledge and theories. As a result of scientific researches and applications in the field of management, which the nature of change and the human factor are taking into consideration, a concept that has such a wide scope is examined scientifically. Furthermore, within the context of today’s economic paradigm, which is called “New Economy”, sectorial developments and applications; in certain circumstances and conditions, that also contributes to the field of management science by leading scientific studies is one of key facts of today’s business world. The change is so rapid that has a direct impact on the individual both in professional career and in private life. In this heuristic study; in which new economy and management concepts are examined within the context of Senism theory, has attempted to be explained the transaction of the individual in today’s world in self (“me” and “you within me”-not the alter ego) and the transaction with the external environment, starting from the self-management of the individual (personal), to the stakeholder (corporate) management in the field of management, and in all areas related to management. Also as a pathfinder for senism; “sen” means “you” in English. Henceforth, “Senism” can potentially be understood or translated as “youism” in English. However, as it will be explained in the full paper, “Senism” is a different philospophy that cannot be explained only by giving reference to the limited literal meaning of “youism”.


Globalization, New Economy, Behavioural Economy, Management, Neuro-management, Senism,

Author: Erdal ŞEN
Number of pages: 261-264
Full text:
Journal of Academic Value Studies (JAVStudies)
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