In The Context of the Industry 4.0; The Future of the Unions
Endüstri 4.0 Bağlamında; Sendikaların Geleceği

Author : Hasan UZUN
Number of pages : 77-82


The eastern countries surpassed the western countries for the first time in the production of industrial products in terms of quality and quantity. This fact is the most important reason of emerging industry4.0. According to forecasts, industry 4.0 will cause to positive/negative changes in many areas of life. As a matter of course, thinking that this change and transformation will remain in a narrow space within its boundaries could lead us to make a big mistake in terms of interpretation and understanding of the process. Because, 4.0. is coming up currently which will cause a change not only in industry, in agriculture and in service sector, but also in employee profile, in working conditions and in trade unions. That’s why the question which should be asked is; how and how much will workers and trade unions be affected by this change? The main objective of our study was to seek answers to this paradigm.


Change, Trade Union, Industry 4.0.

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