Effect of Self Variables on The Relationship Between Collective Leadership and Team Performances in Health Care
Sağlık Kurumlarında Kolektif Liderlik ve Takım Performansı İlişkisinde Benlik Değerinin Etkisi

Author : Şerife GÜZEL -Şebnem ASLAN
Number of pages : 746-766


This study was developed to investigate the relationship between collective leadership and team performance and mediatory role of self within the coordinated working system in hospitals. This research was conducted on 590 health personnel from various majors randomly selected in Konya City. Team Performance Scale introduced in the study of Hoevemeyer (1993), Relational-Individualist-Societal Self created by Scale Kashima and Hardie (2000) and Collective Leadership Scale taken from Hiller, Day and Vance (2006) were employed. Collected data within the scope of this study wastransferred to the IBM SPSS20.0 package software. Cronbach’s Alpha Coefficient was utilized to assess reliability of data. Corrective factor analysis was conducted by means of the LISREL software in the research to assess validity of scales. The relevant hypotheses were tested through the path analysis with structural quality model in the Lisrel. Correlation analysis was conducted to determine the relationship between the scale dimensions and the scales. As a result of the study, a significant relationship was determined between collective leadership understanding of health personnel and team performance. Furthermore, it was concluded that self play medial role in the relationship between collective leadership and team performance. When the literature is examined, it is seen that there are studies that can support this situation.


Self, collective leadership, health personnel, team performance

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