Type Change and a Practice in Capital Companies According to Turkish Commercial Law No. 6102
6102 Sayılı Türk Ticaret Kanunu’na Göre Sermaye Şirketlerinde Tür Değişikliği ve Bir Uygulama

Author : Süleyman VAROL -Adnan DÖNMEZ
Number of pages : 288-310


One of the important elements of economic life is trading companies. Mergers, divisions and changes of trade companies are increasingly being brought to the agenda depending on the level of development and technological developments of the companies. One of the factors that will contribute to the changes is the timely implementation of the necessary arrangements in the legal systems of the countries. Changes have been made in the legal arrangements in the harmonization process of the European Union (EU), one of which is the Turkish Commercial Code (TCC) No. 6102. With the amendments, the law was updated and the missing points were completed and became more comprehensive. The issue we are examining is the type change in the capital companies and extensive changes have been made in the Turkish Commercial Code. In this study, taking into account articles 180 and 190 of the TCC, the TCC, Turkish Commercial Code No. 6762 (ETTK), related articles and so on. Using the resources, the innovations brought about the change in the type of capital companies were investigated and explained with an application. Application example; is the transformation of a limited liability company into a joint-stock company, through which innovations and advantages are introduced, the most common type of change between companies and TTK. As a result of this research, the subject was reinforced by following the process of innovations brought about the type change in the capital companies.


Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102, Capital Companies, Type Change

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