Metacognitive Awareness Scale for Innovative Entrepreneurship: A Scale Development Study
Yenilikçi Girişimciliğe İlişkin Üst Bilişsel Farkındalık Ölçeği: Bir Ölçek Geliştirme Çalışması

Author : Özge ÖZTÜRK
Number of pages : 83-96


The aim of this study is developing a scale to determine metacognitive awareness of university students in response to innovative entrepreneurship. For this purpose, a total of 55 questions were drafted by the researcher by reviewing the relevant literature and taking authority opinions from three academicians. The 55-question metacognitive awareness draft questionnaire about innovative entrepreneurship was applied to 299 senior students enrolled in any undergraduate program at Firat University and Inonu University. The online form of the draft questionnaire (in Google Form) was prepared and a link was shared with the students to reach the form. The data obtained from the study were analyzed by using SPSS for Windows 25.0. In order to test the reliability of metacognitive awareness scale related to innovative entrepreneurship, “Reliability Analysis” and “Item Total Score Correlation” calculations were used. At the same time, “Explanatory Factor Analysis” and “Confirmatory Factor Analysis” by using Amos Program, were used to test the construct validity of the scale and the results were interpreted. By calculating the average score of the developed scale, the cognitive awareness level of the participant regarding innovative entrepreneurship can be determined. As a result of the analyzes, it was concluded that the scale to determine metacognitive awareness of university students is a usable tool.


Metacognitive Awareness, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Innovative Entrepreneurship.

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