From Perspective of Human Resources Specialists Artificial Intelligence and Workforce Are Which Crossroads?
İnsan Kaynakları Profesyonellerinin Perspektifinden Dijitalleşen Çalışma Hayatında Yapay Zekâ İşgücü İçin Hangi Yol Ayrımında?

Number of pages : 152-175


Where Industry 4.0 started, artificial intelligence in working life plays a fundamental role in the description of the labor market of the future. This study aims to reveal the judgments of the human resources professionals about the digitized working life as well as how the workforce can be affected by this process. The current point is to open a discussion about which path separation creates for the labor force. In the descriptive study with the help of Nvivo program, the findings obtained with open ended questions were coded. The views of human resources professionals on Industry 4.0 are categorized into three different dimensions, namely the reflection of digitalization to their professions and their effects on the labor market. According to the results of the research, human resource professionals define artificial intelligence as a danger bell for the labor force. It is foreseen that there will be serious losses for the labor force which can not adopted changes which comes with Industry 4.0. It is foreseen that in the labor market, the traditional structure of the industrial relations system will be change, a new labor force will be structured instead of old version. In order not to fall behind the employment race, it is recommended that the labor force should increase its digital skills and leave it to the wind of change with the principle of lifelong learning. Artificial intelligence brings the path to a great abyss for all labor force who cannot adapt themselves to the change in working life.


: Artificial Intelligence, Future of Labor, Digital Conversion, Employment.

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