Opportunities and Threats Introduced by Technological Motion to Cities: An IoT-Based Analysis on Smart Cities
Teknolojik Devinimin Kentlere Getirmiş Olduğu Fırsat ve Tehditler: IoT Tabanlı Akıllı Kentler Üzerinden Bir Analiz

Author : Veysel BABAHANOĞLU -Zekeriya BİLİCİ, Erhan ÖRSELLİ
Number of pages : 254-265


With the help of the development in knowledge and communication along with adaptation to urban life, the idea of smart cities have become to fore stage. Smart cities can be said to come out by the need and the vision stemming from that need. Because, the existing problems such as: dense population in urban places, environmental pollution, insufficient sources, unplanned urbanization, security and traffic jam create a pressure on the cities, a solution to that is hindered. In order to get rid of the pressure; conduct the process and enhance the living conditions; city governors choose to integrate “Internet of Things (IoT)” in their services. Therefore, by means of IoT, many public services have become automated which led to more effective and fruitful services to come out. However, while cities’ becoming smart offer various opportunities; on the other hand this situation creates great many threats and hardship in itself. Cities that are furnished with IoT instruments, while on the one hand particularly enhances quality life for the people living in urban places; on the other hand creates serious cyber security problems. Within this context, the aim of this study is to scrutinize the pros and cross effects of technological motion on smart cities in which IoT is installed. Within this framework, firstly the idea of smart cities and instruments is scrutinized and later on the pros and cross effects of technological advancement with regards to opportunities and threats are evaluated.


Smart City, Smart City Technologies, Internet of Things (IoT), Opportunity, Threat

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