Feminist Organization Theories
Feminist Örgüt Kuramları

Author : Dilek ÇELİK
Number of pages : 231-243


Approaches to women, gender, and gender relations have been ignored for a long time in organizational studies. On the basis of this situation lies in the dominance of male-dominated social structure in the organizational field as in every field. As a matter of fact, the roles imposed by women on the society in the historical process made it diffucult for women to participate in the working life has led to the involvement of men to a great extent in the formation and management of organizations. Therefore, in such a structure, organizational studies have generally been shaped from a male point of view and focused more on concepts such as hierarchy, power and authority distribution. Gender-related issues, on the other hand, were generally handled based on statistical data. However, in process of time, these structures and concepts have been questioned within feminist theories and have been subjected to various criticisms. Feminist theories have brought a different dimension to organizational theory literature by focusing on the issues of gender, power relations and gender inequality in organizations, which have been neglected for many years in organizational theories. In this context, the main purpose of the study is to examine feminist theories and evaluate their contributions to organizational theory.


Feminism, Feminist Theories, Organization Theories, Gender

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