EU Progress Reports in AK Party Period Democratic Transformation Of Civil-Military Relatıonship in Context

With the Helsinki Summit in 1999, the civilian-military relations in Turkey, which started to join the EU, have undergone a major transformation with many constitutional reforms and institutional changes. The army, which has the authority and authority over the politics of independence and control over the civilian authority, has lost most of its authority over the past 18 years. In this study, critics of civil-military relations will be reviewed in these progress reports, limited to the progress reports submitted to Turkey by the EU and in Turkey, the legal and constitutional reforms against these criticisms will be put forward especially in the AK Party period, and conclusions will be made in the conclusion.


Civil-Military Relations, Justice and Development Party, European union, Democratic Control of the

Author : İbrahim İNAL
Number of pages: 68-76
Full text:
Journal of Academic Value Studies (JAVStudies)
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