Benefits Of Using Information Technologies In Solving Financial Issues For Smes

Financial institutions use its innovation capabilities, cooperation opportunities and competitive aspects to increase their chance in global competition. Also with the help of information technologies, new products and activities that have high net values are produced and marketed to enable the construction of an interaction cycle. This technology not only changed the behavior of financial institutions, but also it changed the behavior of the customers of these institutions drastically. Businesses use information technologies to effectively serve the customers, by also broadening their offerings that adds to their net value. It is very important for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) to attain a constant performance increase for continuing their existence and obtaining long term advantages. SMEs with high performance obtain a competitive advantage, which enables them to compete better in the international arena and also help the development of their country. One of the most effective ways to convert potential into practice is to use Information Technologies (IT). SME's can both benefit from IT to improve their service efficiency and increase their channels of service, which will add to their net value. Another related point is that, customer profile is changing, becoming more unrelated to their geographies. In this environment, SMEs will be able to overcome financial issues with production that is supported by a sustainable and growing business model. In this study, the benefits of using IT for improving efficiency for SMEs are investigated empirically in light of secondary data.


Information Technologies, SME, Finance

Author : Meltem KESKİN KÖYLÜ
Number of pages: 266-274
Full text:
Journal of Academic Value Studies (JAVStudies)
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