A Conceptual Study On The Factors Shaping Logistics And Supply Chain Management’s Current Structure

Most important factor affecting global trade in recent years is the disappearance of barriers by the development of communication and transport opportunities. Together with marketing products and services all over the World, companies can also continue their functions as production etc. globally. These developments make logistics and supply chain management more important. It is needed to manage logistics and supply chain effectively not just in presenting products and services to customers, it is important in the whole process that begins from preproduction. Market structure has been changed in the 21th century and this affects the logistics and supply chain management structurally as well as other marketing trends. In this study, driving factors as consumers, technology, nature, competition and economy are considered.


Global Commerce, Logistics Market, Supply Chain Trends

Author : İlknur BİLGEN
Number of pages: 190-196
Full text:
Journal of Academic Value Studies (JAVStudies)
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