A Modernist Torch in the Anatolian Educational Enlightenment: Case of Village Institutes

The Village Institutes were originally-designed educational institutions having been the product of thoroughly native considerations and foresights; and punched their values not only in the Turkish, but also in the world education history. Village Institutes was the paramount point of educational reforms initiated and directed by Mustafa Kemal in the Anatolia. They were totally national, unique and adopted an understanding for the individual to make her/his own decisions, and eventually implement as well as by her/his own will. Although they were closed down by some reactionary circles and forces, the impacts, power and pedagogic riches had reached until today. The main reason for that could be defined as that these institutions brought up an educational model which really provided innovations with a revolutionary style in the not only village field but also in every educational level and field. Thus, the main problem of this work is firstly to try to put forward how innovative the village institutes are in the field of education; secondly to analyze and comment on the main educational concepts, models and systems of the innovated situation of the village institutes which had developed in the context of their unique, modern, humanist and secular educational methods.


Village Institutes, Education, Innovation, Uniqueness, Improvement, Enlightenment

Author : Pınar AKARÇAY - Gökhan AK
Number of pages: 130-140
Full text:
Journal of Academic Value Studies (JAVStudies)
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