Problem Analysis and Occupational Evaluations of Accounting Professional Members: The Sample of Malatya

It is determined by many research conducted in Turkey that the importance of the accounting occupation is increasing and because of this importance the profession members should make more effort and so they become worn out. It is seen that apart form keeping the accounts, the profession has a lot of functions like consulting, expertise, cosultancy etc. and these functions cause increasing work load, needing more occupational education and information, adaptation developing technology and language problems. In this study, it is tried to determine the occupational evaluations of the accounting profession members in the light of these functions, the problems they encounetred and expectation of solution of the problems. Within this context, a face-to-face survey is conducted to the accounting profession members working independently in Malatya. Consequently, accounting profession members find out the occupation tiring and wearing, they encounter problems with the taxpayers and have negative opinions about taxpayers, they generally have negative opinions about other profession members, they encounter problems with institutions (TURMOB, profession chamber, public institutions etc.) and bother with this circumstance, they think that fee is low and encounter problems with fee collecion on time are determined.


Keywords: Accounting, Accounting Professionals, Issues, professional evaluation.

Author : Ahmet Fethi DURMUŞ - & Hakan SEKİZSU
Number of pages: 429-438
Full text:
Journal of Academic Value Studies (JAVStudies)
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