Public Policies and Approaches Needed for Innovative Entrepreneurship and Innovative Entrepreneurship Centers

The aim of this study is to raise awareness for innovative entrepreneurship, to reveal the differences between ordinary and innovative entrepreneurship and to contribute to the public policy making for innovative entrepreneurship rather than for ordinary entrepreneurship. Innovative entrepreneurship which is capable of creating new jobs, new sectors and new employment areas and also having capacity to create prosperity and wealth, must be fully supported by public policies. These supports should be made through the creation of the necessary environment and climate for innovative entrepreneurship, the creation of frameworks that will form the ecosystem, the training of necessary specialized human resources that expected to provide services to innovative entrepreneurs and the full provisioning of the necessary incentives. In this context, Innovative Entrepreneurship Centers (IEC) have been proposed in this study as a model proposal specific to Turkey in order to put into practice of certain theories expressed in the theory. With the help of Education, Prototyping and Commercialization departments that will operate in IEC and an Investment and Support Board (ISB) that comprised of universities, industry and trade chambers, business angels and public institutions like KOSGEB etc., will play a supporting role for innovative entrepreneurship. It is considered that with access to business networks, services from experts and consultants and through special incentives provided to these centers, these centers will soon be able to offer very successful examples of innovative entrepreneurship. In this way, it will also be ensured that public resources spent inefficiently to support ordinary entrepreneurship will be used for the right purpose.


Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Innovative Entrepreneurship, Innovative Entrepreneurship Centers

Author : Ahmet Zeki DEMİR
Number of pages: 190-204
Full text:
Journal of Academic Value Studies (JAVStudies)
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