View at Food Culture of Antakya City

This study aims to examine the view of Antakya city’s food culture. Human is an organic creature and needs food to survive. While eating food to resolve hunger is a general biochemical event, elimination of this hunger is an anthropological and cultural phenomenon. Culture is an artificial environmental factor that people produce for themselves. It forms a way of life with its material and spiritual structure and it directs our behaviors. Since food is one of main features of ceremonies, religious ceremonies, weddings, entertainments, deaths, festivals and many sociological behaviors, it can be carried over to the cultural sphere with many different meanings. So it reflects the social structures of today. In addition to these, each culture can have a different approach in terms of enjoying and being affected from the things being eaten. A food not eaten in one society may be the most important example of mouth taste in another. In this context, Antakya has its own characteristics in terms of food culture and in this city food determines life in real sense.


Antakya, city, food, culture, food culture

Author : Şafak KAYPAK - & Armağan UÇAR
Number of pages: 190-202
Full text:
Journal of Academic Value Studies (JAVStudies)
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