An Investigation On The Determination Of The Conduct Of Smes Towards The Activities Of The Participation (Islamic-Interest Free) Banks

In a competitive environment, participation banks have to pay attention to customer satisfaction. In this sense, participation banks should carefully evaluate the criticism and recommendation of the customers so that they can maintain the relationship with their customers on a more healthy and secure basis. Therefore, banks should inform their existing and potential customers about their services accurately, effectively and in a timely manner. The main purpose of this study is to measure the attitudes and perceptions of existing and potential participation bank customers towards the activities of these banks. SMEs operating in the province of Kars were preferred as data collection tools. The data in this study were obtained by administering the questionnaire individually to the owners or the managers of SMEs. The obtained 227 questionnaires were statistically analyzed. According to the results of the analysis, data were normally distributed and parametric tests were used in all analyzes. According to the obtained statistical results, there was a significant difference (p<0,05) between the means of the answers given to some questions in all demographical characteristics.


Islamic Banking, Participation Banking, Interest Free Banking, Attitude, SME

Author : Tuncer YILMAZ - & Sevgül EKİNCİ & Kadir ÖNK
Number of pages: 54-69
Full text:
Journal of Academic Value Studies (JAVStudies)
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