Impact of Job Burnout on Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intention

Job burnout can be described as a state of reluctance, unhappiness, and despair of employees due to the weariness of human relations. Job burnout has a lot of negative effects on employees and organizations. However, the research only addresses the relationship between job burnout and job satisfaction and turnover intention. The data were collected through a questionnaire returned by the employees in nineteen seperate companies operating in different sectors in Konya Industrial Area, including the first five hundred and the second five hundred largest industrial establishments in Turkey. The results of factor analyzes, correlations and regression analyses indicated that the job burnout is significantly and negatively related to job satisfaction and significantly and positively related to turnove intention.


Job Burnout, Job Satisfaction, Turnover Intention

Author : Mehmet ULUTAŞ
Number of pages: 333-342
Full text:
Journal of Academic Value Studies (JAVStudies)
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