Company Valuation Methods: An Application on BIST Iron, Steel, And Metal Industry

Matter of Company evaluation is one of several subjects that has numerous debates on. Every evaluation method has it’s own characteristic discrepancies. Therefore, evaluations of different institutions and organizations may differ. So, determination of the evaluation method to apply is extremely important on behalf of safe estimate. In this practice, Trading multipliers method is used in company evaluaton and beside, by calculating financial ratios, the aim is to verify the information on behalf of correct exposition of company evaluation. In this practice, by using 2016 dated Financial statements of 14 BIST quoted companies that work in Iron – Steel, Main Metal Industry, tried to determine the value of Ereğli Iron & Steel Factories Corp. which went public at 13.01.1986.


Value Concept, Company Evaluation Methods, BIST Iron–Steel, Main Metal Industry

Author : Durmuş SEZER - & Yasemin KUYUCULAR & Umut Tolga GÜMÜŞ
Number of pages: 501-517
Full text:
Journal of Academic Value Studies (JAVStudies)
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