Concept of Turkish Construction of Solutions And Solution Proposals

In the scope of this study, based on the previous researches about the wasted wastes in Turkish construction wastes, it has been assumed that wastage is realized and should be eliminated. Waste is a frequently encountered fact in construction sites and is a loss in construction if it is not controlled as in every industrial sector. The assumption of waste in Turkish construction sites necessitated the development of solutions to identify and eliminate the types and causes of this waste. In Turkey in this direction and scanned academic studies related to waste which was conducted in the world, it has been examined, compiled and steps to be taken are determined to solve the problem by passing the necessary corrections.


simplicity, industrial productivity, sustainability, lean construction, waste, green buildings

Author : Ekrem SÜZEN - & Perihan ABAY
Number of pages: 589-597
Full text:
Journal of Academic Value Studies (JAVStudies)
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