The Importance of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management in terms of Modern Businesses

Global competition conditions force today’s businesses to adapt current conditions, to accelerate entrepreneurship and innovation focused workings for stay alive. Research works about this subject shows that a business fails to satisfy as long as just have innovation or just have entrepreneurship culture or activity. Businesses in which, activities focused on management, entrepreneurship an innovation are rationally and effectively integrated; providing competitive advantage and keeping high profit margin is an expected result. In this study, innovation and entrepreneurship activities of same national and international companies were investigated. You can be innovative, can be entrepreneur or can be a good manager, but if you can’t manage all these elements forcefully, as in the past your probability of failure will arise. Purpose of this study is to point out important stages in terms of achieving competitive advantage and increasing profit margins, as opposed to the negative consequences of innovation, entrepreneurship and management of organizations.


Entrepreneurship, entrepreneur, innovation, innovation and entrepreneurship relationship, managing e

Author : Erman KEDİKLİ - & Yeter DEMİR USLU
Number of pages: 1-11
Full text:
Journal of Academic Value Studies (JAVStudies)
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