Reading The Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence and Occupational Stress in The Context of The Mediating Effects of Emotional Labor

The purpose of this study is to give empirical evidence to the claim that emotional labour has a mediating role in the relationship between emotional intelligence and occupational stress. The population of the study is composed of the employees of public hospitals in Elazığ. 3077 health workers have been employed in four public hospitals. To gather the data, a questionnaire was administered to 469 employees. Emotional intelligence, emotional labor and occupational stress scales were graded 5 likert-scale. The findings of the study revealed that emotional labor is a mediating effects on the emotional intelligence on occupational stress and this effect is on partial level. The effect size of the model testing the mediating effect is (r2) %25, %4 of which is indirect and %21 is direct.


Emotional Intelligence, Emotional Labour, Occupational Stress

Author : Erkan Turan DEMİREL - , Göknur KILIÇ
Number of pages: 230-257
Full text:
Journal of Academic Value Studies (JAVStudies)
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