The Effect of Brand Loyalty on Consumer Buying Behavior: Comparative Analysis of X and Y Generations By Gender

Nowadays, brand has become an increasingly important concept for businesses. Businesses can be positioned more easily in the minds and could reach the consumers by means of their brands. Brands have different characteristics. Brands introduce a product into the market in different ways, some brands stand out with their product, some with the person and some with their service. Among the many product groups and brand options in the market, it becomes more complicated for the consumers to make the right choice about the brand that is closest to their needs and requests. In this respect, brands should focus on marketing strategies that will differentiate their products from other competitive products and draw a clear and strong image in the consumer's mind. The fact that consumer repeats purchasing action regularly is undoubtedly as much important as the tendency to purchase from that brand. The way the consumer chooses a brand consistently is closely related with the brand loyalty and trust. In order to make the consumer committed to the brand, it is necessary for the brand to follow up the demands and expectations of the consumer in a recurrent manner and to ensure that the required developments provided as well as meeting the demands and needs of the consumer about the product. Consumers' purchasing behaviors and loyalty patterns are undoubtedly related with their individual characteristics. X and Y generation individuals have different approaches to consumption according to the generational time period they belong. Generation X individuals have more traditional approaches to consumption while generation Y individuals are more dynamic, innovative and demanding in terms of consumption habits due to their nature that enjoys innovation. Face-to-face questionnaire survey and convenience sampling method is used in this study. Gender-depended differences may occur between generations. In this study, whether the effect of X and Y generation consumers on purchasing behavior varies according to gender or not is examined.


Brand, Brand Loyalty, X and Y Generations and Consumer Behaviors.

Author : Merve COŞKUN
Number of pages: 271-286
Full text:
Journal of Academic Value Studies (JAVStudies)
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