The Role of Hadith in The Establishing of Commercial Ethics in İslam
İslam’da Ticaret Ahlakının Oluşmasında Hadislerin Rolü

Author : Uğur ERMAN
Number of pages : 719-730


Islam has built its understanding of trade on the concept of service, transparency and honesty. For this reason, halal earning is considered as the basic principle of Islam and it is accepted among the main duties of the Muslim. It has also imposed a number of orders and prohibitions on the establishment for trade understanding in society. Some of these orders and prohibitions informed through the Qur'anic verses and ProphetProphet Muhammad’s (a.s.) hadith. Halal and haram are explicitly declared in the framework of the orders and prohibitions of God and ordered that commercial activities should be provided in a halal way to ensure human alimony, and the profits obtained as a result of these commercial activities should not be waste. In this respect; we will examine the principles of trade in which the Prophet (a.s.) wants the Islamic society to be formed and the role of hadiths in the formation of the Islamic doctrine in this sense.


Hadith, Islam, Morality, Trade.


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