Airbnb User Reviews: Example of Eskisehir

Factors such as facilitating access to the Internet in consumer decision processes, diversifying access opportunities, sharing virtual environments in different areas, increasing mobile applications and increasing the number of users are effective. In the context of tourism, accommodation preferences of consumers show a tendency towards areas considered as sharing economy. One of these areas is considered Airbnb. The purpose of this study is to examine the comments made by people who visited Eskişehir and made their choice of accommodation via airbnb website. In this direction, 85 houses and 235 comments were found in Eskişehir to open for accommodation. 207 of the comments were in Turkish and 28 were in English. Accomodation fees are min. 35 TL per night and max. 262 TL per night for these houses. The sharing of these houses is in the form of 46 private rooms and 39 whole houses. The comments were collected in two main themes: positive and negative. Sub-themes were determined as positive and negative comments about the house and host. The primary positive codes for themes are the location of the house and the helpfulness of the host. Negative codes are wifi usage and the lack of trust of the host. The most important result of the study is that the users of the airbnb site are in intense social interaction. Negative comments were seen in a small number and more detailed than positive. Positive comments consisted mostly of irregular sentences or only words. Other findings, comments and conclusions were discussed and recommendations were made for future research.


Airbnb, Online Users Comments, E-WOMM, Eskisehir

Author : Selin Ögel AYDIN - Serhat AYDIN
Number of pages: 33-40
Full text:
Journal of Academic Value Studies (JAVStudies)
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