Advanced Manufacturing Technologies and Andon Warning Systems

In a fierce competition environment where product range increases, on the other hand product life decreases, businesses should keep up-to-date their manufacturing technologies in order to sustain competitive advantages to manufacture qualified products with relevant costs and with affordable prices. In line with this purpose, adaptation of advanced manufacturing and management techonologies gain importance. By means of transition from labour-intensive manufacturing to technology-intensive manufacturing, businesses will be more flexible to meet changing demands in market. This will also result in enhancement quality and image. In this context, some concepts, such as, Computer-aided Manufacturing Process Planning, Flexible Manufacturing Systems, Lean Production Systems, Total Quality Management, Continuous Development Programme (Kaizen) occupy the agenda of business world. In this study, some issues will be adressed, such as, Advanced Technology conception which depends on Toyota Production System, Lean Production, and in this context, Jidoka conception which is both a management and a production philosophy and Andon Warning Boards, one of the advanced techology tools of Jidoka.


Advanced Manufacturing Techonologies, J

Author : A. Sacid AKSOY
Number of pages: 41-55
Full text:
Journal of Academic Value Studies (JAVStudies)
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