The Effect of Job Stresses on The Intention to Leave in Healthcare Workers at Elazığ 112 Emergency Health Services Stations

New job descriptions having appeared based on the working structures of the businesses within the global competition circle have brought the stress in the work life and consequential tendency for releasing to the fore as an issue that needs studying. In particular, the fact that healthcare workers working in 112 Emergency Health Services Stations have to intervene immediately to patients/casualties causes them to experience a lot of stress and this may cause them to intention to leave from organization. In this context, the aim of this study was to determine the effect of job stress levels of healthcare workers who work in 112 Emergency Health Services Stations on the intention to leave. Elazığ Healthcare Workers who work in 112 Emergency Health Services Stations constitute the universe of the research. According to the data obtained from the Elazığ Provincial Health Directorate, a total of 506 health workers are employed in these stations. Due to difficulties in reaching the target population universe, the target was narrowed and the main method was defined according to the random method. It is thought that it will represent the accessible mass of approximately 219 employees. . In this study, the quantitative research method has been used and data obtained through the face-to-face survey technique. In this study, the main statistical analyses used are descriptive statistics, reliability analysis and regression. As a result of the regression analysis, it was determined that the job stress levels of the employees had an effect on the intention to leave.


Job Stress, Intention to Leave, 112 Emergency Health Services

Author : Eray Ekin SEZGİN - Muhammet DÜŞÜKCAN, Enes KAYA
Number of pages: 122-131
Full text:
Journal of Academic Value Studies (JAVStudies)
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