The Effects of Technology Usage On the Students in Accounting
Muhasebe Alanında Teknoloji Kullanımının Öğrenciler Üzerindeki Etkileri

Author : Gözde ÖZMEN - Özcan DEMİR-Enes PEKER
Number of pages : 808-817


Globalizing world and day-to-day integration of information technologies in all areas of life, especially in business areas has allowed the development and development of business processes. The increase of technological opportunities and the changes in the accounting field, the change of learning, processes and techniques necessitated the use of information technologies more effectively in this field. The comparison of traditional and traditional methods with the use of the technology required by the current situation in the field of accounting affects the students' thoughts against changing conditions.Accounting; In addition to assisting the decision-making and control functions of managers, this system also provides the necessary information for future planning. The rapid development of information technologies, the recording and reporting of data, and the fact that the data can be made very quickly and effectively in a short period of time have affected the process positively. Traditional education methods need to be supported and reinforced with the use of technology in order to educate the professionals who are equipped with up-to-date information and who have the technology in this field. In this study, university students' tendency to technology and their perspectives have been tested. Our study was carried out with face-to-face questionnaire on Fırat University and İnönü University İ.İ.B.F students. The results of the study were evaluated by using statistical methods.


Accounting Education, Technology, İnformation Technology


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