A Research On Employees’ Perceptions About Transformational Leadership, Their Organisational Commitment and Relationship Between Two Parameters: The Case Of Malatya Povince
Çalışanların Dönüşümcü Liderlik Algıları ile Örgütsel Bağlılıkları ve Aralarındaki İlişki Üzerine Bir Araştırma: Malatya İli Örneği

Author : Nesim BABAHANOĞLU - Abdulkadir BİLEN
Number of pages : 836-558


It is of the utmost importance that the managers of ındustrıal institutions that takes part in generally private sectors use the technıqus of business management and hereby to reveal the organizational commitment of employees. Therefore this thesis aims to evaluate the managers behaviours as well as the dependance of the employees. Primarily, it is significant to study the the theories of leadership and management in litterateur and to reveal the changes occuring in business management.. Managements styles of business executives formed in the direction of the efficiency, activity and determination targets is accepted as the most efficient weapon for both the employees' commitment on their employers and reaching the targets. In business management in which modern leadership theories has recently become important, especially the strategic leadership, interactive leadership and reflexive leadershas come into prominence. With this study, the leadership aspect of big managements in industrial sector in Malatya is very important. Malatya is the one of the developing Anatolian cities, and the commitment of the employees of these managements will be shown in this context. On the purpose of examining a sample of business management in Turkey, it is aim of study that to find out the management styles of businesses in I. and II. organized industrial zones(OSB) of Malatya and the organizational commitment of employees in these businesses.


Transformational Leadership, Management, Organizational Commitment, Employees


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