The Effect Of Trust In Manager On Burnout At Schools: The Mediating Role Of Organizational Identification

It is aimed to test empirically the relationship between trust in manager and burnout and the mediation role of organizational identification. Structural equation modelling (SEM) was used to analyze data from 272 high school educators (teachers and principals) in Nevşehir/Turkey. In terms of the findings, it is seen that the findings entirely support the research model. Trust in manager significantly affects organizational identification. The direct effect of trust in manager on burnout is also significant. Finally, the findings posit that the effect of trust in manager on burnout is fully mediated by organizational identification. Futhermore, theoretical and managerial implications and future research directions are suggested with some limitations in the study. From this aspect, school attractiveness, well-clarified school identity, shared and common objectives, integration with school can play an important role to reduce teachers’ burnout level. The value of the study is that it proposes a model, showing full mediation role of organizational identification between trust in manager and burnout and contributes to fill the gab of the studies dealing with these three variables together.


Emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, personal accomplishment, trust in manager,

Author : Durdu Mehmet BİÇKES - Celal YILMAZ
Number of pages: 861-879
Full text:
Journal of Academic Value Studies (JAVStudies)
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