The Research of Factors That Affects Socio–Economic Development Perception With The Help of Ordered Logit Model: Erzurum–Kayseri Sample
Sosyo–Ekonomik Gelişmişlik Algısı Üzerinde Etkili Olan Faktörlerin Sıralı Logit Model Yardımıyla Araştırılması: Erzurum–Kayseri Örneği

Author : Hakan EYGÜ - Arife KILINÇ
Number of pages : 1023-1040


The aim of this study is constituted to determine the socio-economic development of Erzurum and Kayseri provinces and to analyze the structures that determine these levels with ordered logit models. One of the leading problems of many developed and developing countries is that the various regions and territory in the country do not develop to the same extent. Due to various socio-economic factors, differences occur between regions due to reasons such as education, population structure, health, natural resources and the structure of employment within the country. İn this sense, it is known that provinces located in different geographical regions of Turkey do not develop in a balanced way. İn order to achieve balanced development, an effective development policy needs to be implemented throughout the country. Therefore, in order to can constitute a sustainable development policy, it is important to know the measurable and comparable each other socio-economic conditions of provinces and regions. İn the study, data set including 35 variables selected from different fields such as demographic, education, health, employment opportunities, construction services and infrastructure were used. The data set was obtained by the survey method. As a result of the analysis, a significant relationship was found between the 19 variables including in the survey and the level of socio-economic development.


Development, Satisfaction, Socio–Economic Development, Discrete Choice Models, Ordered Logit Analysis


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