The Analysis By Utilizing Generalized Ordered Logit Models of Satisfaction of Transportation Services in Turkey
Türkiye'de Ulaştırma Hizmetlerinden Duyulan Memnuniyetin Genelleştirilmiş Sıralı Logit Modelleri İle Analizi

Author : Hakan EYGÜ - Ebubekir KARABACAK
Number of pages : 117-135


The subject of the study is to assess current situation about transport services provided by both public and private sector and factors that affect satisfaction of individuals of these services. The main purpose of the study is to support decision makers to realize optimal arrangements in the transport field of by offering suggestions and policies via results produced by the study. For this purpose, data of Life Satisfaction Survey (YMA) 2013 that is conducted regularly throughout Turkey by Turkey Statistical Institute (TURKSTAT) is used. Since YMA 2013 is the latest comprehensive research, it makes it possible to make an assessment that is up-to-date as of the year the thesis was completed. The obtained data was examined and it was seen that Generalized Sequential Logit Models were suitable and thus the study was continued. In the light of these data, satisfaction level of transport services was considered as dependent variable and it was found that, variables of getting older, being educated and having a car decreased satisfaction level of transport services. And variables of being married, living in urban areas, being happy with one’s health condition and income, being happy, being happy with traffic services, having a high level of wealth and income increased satisfaction level of transport services.


Transport Services, Life Satisfaction, Categorical Data Analysis, Discrete Choice Models, Generalized Ordered Logit Models


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