The Economic Problems of Women Entrepreneurs and The Importance of Financial Literacy
Kadın Girişimcilerin Ekonomik Sorunları ve Finansal Okuryazarlığın Önemi

Author : Gaye MAT ÇELİK - Ersin KANAT - Bahar BURTAN DOĞAN
Number of pages : 24-33


It is very important to estimate the financial situation and the economic environment of the country in the entrepreneurship process starting with the idea of starting a business. Many women who want to be entrepreneurs and have the necessary qualifications cannot be able to take the field due to insufficient financial conditions. Economic problems are a limiting factor for women entrepreneurs who are able to establish their own businesses by overcoming this obstacle. While the problems experienced in economic terms attracted such attention in entrepreneurship, the lack of financial literacy of women entrepreneurs constitutes a negative picture in terms of competition. In this study, a 28-item scale including demographic variables was used, and the scales were applied to 342 women enrolled in the TR71 Level 2 Region (Aksaray, Kırıkkale, Kırşehir, Niğde and Nevşehir) and registered to "Chambers of Commerce and Industry" (TSO). In our study, it was tried to emphasize the importance of financial literacy by considering the obstacles that women entrepreneurs face by focusing on their experiences.


Women, Women Entrepreneurs, Economic Problems of Women Entrepreneurs, Financial Literacy.


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