Evaluation of the Potential of Osmaniye in terms of the Products with Geographical Indication
Osmaniye İlinin Coğrafi İşaretli Ürün Potansiyelinin Değerlendirilmesi

Author : Meral ÜZÜLMEZ
Number of pages : 188-196


Geographical indications are the legal indications for protecting local products and flavors and legally fighting against their counterfeits. Geographical indications have many advantages such as supporting local production and regional development, protecting traditional knowledge and cultural values and contributing to tourism. The products that may have geographical indication registration in a region/locality can be both food products, agricultural products and handicrafts, industrial products, minerals and natural products. In this context, it is aimed to investigate the potential of Osmaniye in terms of the products with geographical indication. For this purpose, the products of Osmaniye province, which are thought to have the potential for geographical indication, was tried to be revealed by examining secondary data sources. In the conclusion part of the study, various suggestions were presented to the related persons, institutions or organizations to make the registration possible for the products with potential for geographical indication and to provide that such products contribute to the region.


Osmaniye, Geographical Indication, Potential for Geographical Indication.


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