Cyber Warfare In the Context of US-China Rivalry

Warfare can be defined as the use of force and violence by the opposing parties against each other to achieve certain goals. Planned attack over the information systems and critical infrastructures of countries is called “cyber warfare”. Throughout history, scientific and technological advances have been used in wars. The worldwide spread of information technology in virtue of globalization has led the countries to prepare their defense strategies on the political and economic struggles in the international arena by taking this new kind of warfare into account. Computers have replaced the weapons in this new kind of warfare, which is taken into account as the fifth dimension of war. While the countries are establishing new technological structures in order to be prepared for this new situation, they are also renewing their doctrines and organizations. There is a cyber-war including cyber spying between the United States of America and the People’s Republic of China (PRC), the prominent countries in this regard. The United States of America and China, which are the two great powers of the world, are struggling to be the dominant power in military, political, economic, technological and cultural fields. China, the prominent economic power of the world in 2016, is striving to combine its economic superiority with other fields such as technology and Internet and it is seen as the new rival of the USA and potential dominant power in the 21th century. In this study, cyber warfare, becoming one of today’s most important international security issues will be discussed in the context of US-China rivalry.


Cyber Warfare, Information Warfare, US, China, Power Struggle, Defense Strategies.

Author : Altun ALTUN
Number of pages: 24-34
Full text:
Journal of Academic Value Studies (JAVStudies)
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