Brand Building and Successful Brand Management in SMEs: A Case Study

Brand is identiy of a company.. Successful brands, whether offer consumers something of a value which is different from that offered by competitive brands. The enterprises must create a strong brand to increase their sales, profit, market share or to keep their current status under the present conditions. Advantages of strong brand are improve perceptions of product performance (quality), greater loyalty, more inelastic consumer response. Many of the study have about guidelines for the creation of a strong brand of branding and marketing literature. But all these theory and case studies commonly based on big and multinational firms. The aim of this article providing the result of explaratory research about building strong brand into the subject and into a SMEs in particular. For this particular study , it is based on a single case, Turkish based firm,Volkan Fire Fighting Vehicles “ is located in İzmir. The study is a qualitative study and semi-structured interview form was prepared to apply to the company executive and managers of the company. This article proposes providing of a road map to those local firms that would like to become brands. The conclusions of this article are respectivelly; characteristics of entrepreneur, employees adopt the branding process, importance given to R&D activities and current market in SMEs whose impact on building strong brand in SMEs. In the future bigger context of the study , furrther sampling would be done


brand, brand management, brand buildig, branding criteria, SMEs (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises)

Author : Güneş Açelya SİPAHİ - & Meltem ONAY
Number of pages: 67-75
Full text:
Journal of Academic Value Studies (JAVStudies)
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