Reasons of Conspicuous Consumption and Conspicuous Perceptions of Furniture Companies

Conspicuous Consumption is based on gaining appreciation and wining recognition by other people, so it includes hedonism. Elements that direct Conspicuous Consumption are; changing needs, increasing variety of goods and services, desire to gain appreciation and social status, increase in income level and sudden income growth, change of environment, luxury concept, hedonism, capitalism, fashion and advertising. This style of consumption is open to positive and negative criticism. In this case, for the Conspicuous Consumption to say wrong or true is impossible. Products are used as communication tools in Conspicuous Consumption. There are symbolic relations between products-consumers and consumers-the people that consumers want to show what they consume. This relationship is related to the images of product designs. In this paper, the positive and negative aspects will be criticized by examining Conspicuous Consumption. By analyzing perception of furniture sector on flamboyant products in the design, a field research in Kayseri sample will be done.


Consumption, Conspicuous Consumption, Consumer, Furniture Design

Author : Derya BARUT - & Serkan GÜNEŞ
Number of pages: 81-88
Full text:
Journal of Academic Value Studies (JAVStudies)
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