Mixed Model Assembly Line Balancing Problem and Application in a Facility
Karışık Modelli Montaj Hattı Dengeleme Problemi Ve Bir İşletmede Uygulaması

Author : Gamze Gizem GÜNDOĞDU
Number of pages : 651-665


With the increasing competition nowadays, it has become mandatory for enterprises to use their resources effectively and efficiently. While the production speed has increased, it has also become necessary for enterprises to make some improvements in their production in order to minimize production costs. Assembly line balancing constitutes an important part of the works carried out on the production lines in order to increase efficiency. Identifying and minimizing losses on assembly lines can result in significant cost savings for businesses. In this study, the mixed model assembly line balancing is discussed and the main purpose of this study is to improve the performance of the assembly line by using line balancing and simulation techniques. In the study, four different built-in oven models produced in the enterprise were examined and line balances were made for the two-sided and straight (one sided) settlement conditions of the line. While line balancing, a heuristic method “Position Weighted Line Balancing Technique” and the POM for Windows program were used. In addition ARENA, a simulation program, was used to test the results found after the line balancing study, the current and proposed system was simulated and the results were evaluated. When the assembly line is balanced according to double-sided station placement, it is seen that the number of stations is reduced and the average line efficiency is higher and therefore it will be more beneficial for the enterprise. When the simulation model of the proposed situation was run, it was observed that the idle times in the line decreased and the daily production amount increased accordingly. The results obtained suggest that it can be a good approach to support line balancing studies with simulation techniques.


Assembly Line Balancing, Simulation, Mixed Model Assembly Lines


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