Examination of The Income Sources of Some Football Clubs by Years
Bazı Futbol Kulüplerinin Yıllara Göre Gelir Kaynaklarının İncelenmesi

Author : Ali KELEŞ
Number of pages : 571-584


Together with the football market, which covers the largest part of the sports industry and economy, it is seen that leading professional football clubs are moving towards the company structure. Accordingly, it is seen that football clubs are growing financially. In the research, the development graphs of some football clubs, which have achieved sporting success in the international arena, were examined by looking at their financial data. There has been a constant increase in the revenues of football clubs over the years. There is an increase in sponsorship-like revenues. As a result, it is seen that professional football clubs have a positive increase in their revenues in line with the data obtained. It is seen that there is a change in the types of sources of income according to years and the percentage of income sources vary in different years. Professional football clubs; financial structure of the financial structure of the clubs in a more rational manner.


Sources of Income, Sport Economy, Sports Industry


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