Principles of Good Governance and Good Governance Practices in Turkish Public Administration
İyi Yönetişim ve Türkiye Performansı

Author : Arzu YILDIRIM
Number of pages : 818-835


In the changing and developing world, the technological developments have accelerated and human life has become an indispensable element, transportation, communication and access to information have increased and all these developments are seen all over the world at the same time, making the world a small village. As a result, people go into the expectations of more goods and services, and their lives change. With all these changes, the world has transformed into a social, cultural and economic transformation. Management has emerged since the existence of humanity. With this transformation, a new management approach must be created to respond to the new requirements and expectations in the management approach. This new management approach is undoubtedly called “good governance Bu. According to this new conception, the pre-existing sharp distinction between the ruling and the ruled is eliminated, and the ruled are accepted as stakeholders and considered as a part of the administration. This innovation ensures that citizens' expectations are realized more effectively, more economically and more efficiently. Participation, openness, accountability, the rule of law, equality, efficiency, responsiveness, strategic planning, etc., are laid down to ensure good governance. Basic principles such as change of management and governance are essential elements. In this context, studies on the concept of new governance on public administration all over the world are carried out and efforts are made to eliminate the inadequacies of the system and bring them into a state that can meet the needs of the day. Thanks to governance, decisions are made in a fair and equitable manner. Abuse of powers is prevented. Good governance is actually a culture, a way of life. Good governance needs to follow technological developments closely in order to realize what is expected. Turkey initiated a restructuring process in order to adapt to this management concept and experienced in this context, especially since the beginning of the 2000s went along the road to reform its public administration as intense. At this point, the aim of the study is to examine the changes in public administration by explaining the elements of good governance principles. In addition, the importance of good governance principles for Turkish public administration will be emphasized.


Governance, Good Governance, New Public Management Approach.


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